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Solus. Custom-designed to suit you

We understand that every curved staircase is different. It has it's own angles, inclines, landings and curves. That's why Stannah custom-make the curved rail for your Solus in the UK. Only a custom-made rail will fit every curve of your staircase snuggly, giving you more space and a visually more pleasing finished product. The Solus offers the wide selection of upholstery options for your chair, including the Stannah Collection with its unique fabric choices.


Modern looks to match your home

With its smart design and stylish seat in a choice of contemporary fabrics, leathers and vinyl, the Solus will fit in beautifully with your home. It is practical and intuitive to use, too. Just take a seat in your supportive seat, fastened your seatbelt and nudge the controls in the direction you would like to travel, and your Solus Chairlift will start to glide up or down your stairs.

The Solus has also been chosen to introduce a new contemporary European inspired range of Fabric choices called Stannah Collection. It features six bold designs which can make a real statement piece in your home.



  1. Comfortable and stylish chair The Solus offers elegant comfort, with a cushioned upholstered seat and back. Your Solus is available in a wide range of different fabric, vinyl and leather choices, as well as the Italian-designed Stannah collection fabric choices. With this broad array of materials and colours to choose from you will be sure to find one to match your home.
  2. Adjustable arms with intuitive controls and removable key During the installation process, the technicians can adjust the size of the armrests of your Solus for additional comfort. Operating your Solus couldn't be easier. Gently nudge the controller towards the direction you wish to travel, and your Chair-lift will start gliding up or down your stairs. The soft-touch-controls also doubles as a key, allowing you to lock your stair-lift, without the need of an additional key. This feature is particularly useful as it prevents other people from using the stairlift, such as visiting small children.
  3. One-step fold away and removable link bars* FThe arms and are your seats are linked to the footrest, so to store your Solus chairlift against the wall, all you need to do is lift either the seat or the arms, and your footrest will fold up. The link bars can also be removed if you require to access the seat from the side or do a side transfer. However, this will eliminate the automatic fold-away footrest.
  4. Easy-to-use swivel levers Use the standard easy-to-operate manual swivel lever, or for those with limited strength in their hands, the optional one or two-way powered swivel, to get off your stairlift in the safest position at the top or bottom of your stairs
  5. Safety edges Safety sensors around the footrest and carriage automatically detect any obstruction on your stairs, bringing your Solus to a safe and gentle stop
  6. Easy-to-use seatbelt Use the specifically designed seatbelt which can be fastened simply and easily with one hand
  7. Seat safety sensor A sensor within the seat ensures your stairlift won't move until you're safely settled in your chair.





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