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Modern looks to match your home

With its smart looks and stylish seat in a choice of modern fabrics, leathers and vinyls, the Solus blends in beautifully with your home. It’s practical and straightforward to use, too. Just sit in the comfortable and supportive seat, put on your easy-to-use seatbelt and gently move the controls to glide up or down the stairs – nothing could be simpler.

The Solus has also been chosen to introduce a new contemporary European inspired range of Fabric choices called Stannah Collection. It features six bold designs which can make a real statement piece in your home.

Safe and easy to use

The Solus is designed with safety and ease in mind. Your stairlift features a seat-safety sensor that prevents it from moving until you are safely seated, as well as a built-in control key to lock it and keep it safe from children.

The one-step fold-away function also lets you neatly fold the chair flat for extra space. For those who have limited strenth in their hands, you can also choose an optional one or two-way powered swivel seat which is designed for narrow hallways, that turns to face your landing or hall, making getting in and out of your Solus easy.

Solus. Comfort and safety in unison

Below are the benefits and features common to the Stannah Solus for straight stairs.

Standard Features

  • Wall Control easily call the stairlift to either the top or bottom of the staircase
  • Manual Swivel Seat is operated by pulling up on the swivel levers on either side of the chair, it will rotate the chair making it easier for the user to get on and off the stairlift at the top of the stairs.
  • Seat Safety Sensor wont allow the stairlift to move unless someone is sitting in the chair by pushing the control pod. To move the stairlift while empty use the wall control.
  • Easy One-Step Folding (including the footrest) will allow you to fold the chair away in one step. Simply fold the seat base up and both the armrests and footrest fold away too
  • Adjustable Armrests the length of the armrest can be adjusted during the installation process to ensure its eronomically suited to the user
  • Control Pod is the stairlift control. It incorporates the keyswitch, on/off swith and directional controls in one
  • Adjustable Seat Height this is set by our technicians during the installation process. The ability to do this means that a Stannah Stairlift is well suited at tall people as well as people of a shorter statue or people that transfer on/off from a wheelchair
  • Safety Edges the footrest and carriage on the stairlift have special edges that can detect an obstuction. If an obstruction is detected, the stairlift will automatically stop. The stairlift can be moved in the opposite direction to the obstruction.
  • Power-on Light a green light comes on to indicate the stairlift is ready to be used
  • Intermediate Swivel Seat Locking Positions this allows the user to manually swivel the seat in small steps. The user simply releases the swivel levers to enable this to happen.
  • Continuous Battery Charging to constantly charge the batteries regardless of where the stairlift is parked on the rail

Optional Extras

  • One-Way Powered Swivel Seat this allows the user to automatically swivel the seat to face the landing using the stairlift controls. This is especially useful if movement and strength in the arms and hands is restricted. Good for multiple users as the lift can be called from the bottom whilst swivelled at the top
  • Two-Way Powered Swivel Seat similar to the above, but the user can swivel the chair both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs. The seat can not swivel while travelling. It will only swivel once the final position has been reached.
  • Seatbelts a range of different seatbelts are available for additional safety, including imobiliser seatbelts and five point seatbelts
  • Footrest Fold Button allows the user to automatically raise or lower the footrest at a touch of a button, separate from the chair. This allows the user to enter or exit the chair with the footrest folded up
  • Removable link bars to assist a sliding transfer from a wheelchair. This has to be carried out at installation. This will eliminate easy one-step folding and chair arm isolation


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