Quingo Flyte

Max Speed : 6.4kph / 4mph
Range : 37km / 23miles
Range with extension kit: 54km / 34miles
Turning Radius: 102cm

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Quingo Flyte


Self Loading

5 wheel safety desing

Digital Dash

Non-Slip Adaptive Footplates - Adjustable to match your measurements

Kerbmaster Technology - Anti-tipping / Powered Anti-grounding

Smart Bumper


Max Speed : 6.4kph / 4mph

Range : 37km / 23miles

Range with extension kit: 54km / 34miles

Turning Radius: 102cm

Maximum Kerb height: 7.5cm

Maxiumum Slope (during use): 6\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'

Maximum Slope (during loading): 30\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'

Dimensions (L x W x H ): 126cm x 59cm x 105cm

Dimensions when folded (L x W x H ): 126cm x 59cm x 51.5cm

Weight Capacity: 159kg

Total Weight (incl batteries): 116.5kg

Optional Extras

Mirrors Walking Stick Clip Rear Shopping Bag and Crutch holder Scooter Cover Scooter Garage Oxygen Tank holder Puncture resistant tyre treatment Water Resistant Basket Liner SUV and 4x4 docking station extension kit High Capacity - Water Resistant front shpping box Battery extension pack

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The Quingo Flyte mobility scooter is one of a kind and takes portability to a new level. It's remote controlled self-loading feature eliminates the need for any lifting. This mobility scooter will self-load itself in less than 60 seconds in most hatchbacks, station wagons and four wheel drives.

Very well suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the Quingo Flyte is a truly versatile scooter. It will take you to your local shops; you can use it on all buses and trains or take it with you on holidays and family/social excursions, allowing you to stay connected and join in with family and friends. Read this review recently pusblished by the Independt Living Centre (ILC) on one of their clients that got government approval for this great machine.

Giving you the flexibility of a portable scooter, while enabling you to have the features of a large mobility-scooter, a range extension option will boost the range of the Flyte to a whopping 54km, which is even more than Joondalup to Cockburn. Its 5-wheel design will allow for the same agility and manoeuvrability as a small three wheel scooter enabling you to easily access narrow spaces and minimising the need for reversing and 3 point turns.

In addition to its performance, the Quingo Flyte is also packed full of some excellent safety and postural support features, such as adaptive foot-plates, safe kerb climbing and anti beaching technology. Watch the video below to find out more. 

Who does this Scooter suit?

The Quingo Flyte is the right scooter for you if you want a portable scooter, but don't want or are unable to lift it into the car. It is a one solution scooter, eliminating the need for expensive car modifications and owning two gophers for different uses. The Flyte will take you almost everywhere, and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go!


What are the benefits of a Quingo Mobility Scooter?

Enhanced Stability

The new patented 5-wheel technology adds stability and control when navigating steep inclines and kerbs.

Unequalled Agility

Like all Quingo's the Flyte is very agile, it's turning radius is the smallest in the Quingo range with 102cm. This is about 10 - 20cm less than other scooters of a similar size, especially scooters suited at outdoors and kerbs. The benefits and added convenience of a tight turning circle is huge. It means a big reduction in reversing, 3 point turns and more places that you will feel comfortable accessing with your mobility scooter! Watch our video below, to see how easily the Flyte navigates in a small IGA.

Additional Comfort and Ergonomic Seating

Quingo mobility-scooters are the only scooters on the market that offer adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control. This will allow you to reduce the stress that's on your back, hips, knees and joints by precisely positioning your legs and feet in a way that is right for you. Allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your journey in comfort. The higher seat position of the Quingo Flyte will also assist in adding extra visibility both for you and other road users.

Safer Kerb Handling

Quingo’s 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles; it is designed to cope with kerbs at 45″ degree angles up to 3 inches. It works equally well going up kerbs as well as coming down. Also Quingo’s Kerbmaster prevents tipping and eliminates beaching.

Unrivalled portability

The Quingo Flyte loads itself in the boot of your car all you need to do is extend down the telescopic ramps from you car boot and use the remote control to safely load and unload the scooter. Best of all the docking station doesn't require any permanent modifications to your car, so if you change cars you can simply adapt the docking station to suit your next vehicle of choice.


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