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What to expect from an in-home Demonstration

Once you have contacted us regarding one of our products, you will be offered a choice of an obligation-free product demonstration/home visit or to visit our showroom to trial the product you are interested in and get some helpful advice from one of our professional and friendly consultants.

Depending on the product you are interested in you will be asked a few questions so we can better tailor the demonstration to your needs. If you have selected a home visit, this is even more important as this way we can bring the products to you that we think will most likely fulfil your needs.

When Shopping for a mobility-scooter or powerchair, we always recommend a home visit. While you can come to the showroom, you can try out the scooters on our carpark and or showroom, but once in your own environment, you will face challenges such as navigating kerbs, uneven footpaths and even where to store and charge the scooter. By taking the scooter to your home, you can trial it in your neighbourhood and see which model you feel most comfortable and safe on.

Looking for a stairlift or platform lift? In this case, we also recommend a home visit, as our stairlift specialist will look at your staircase and help you decide on a stairlift that is best for you. Some of the factors that will influence the consultant's recommendations are based on the below questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers; we are here to help you find the answers and a safe solution to climbing the stairs.
Are you able to bend your knees and travel in a seated position?
Will it be best for you to travel in a seated or standing position?
How wide is your staircase?
Do you have the dexterity in your hands to operate a standard stairlift remote control, or is an alternative method required, such as a joystick or toggle?
Are there doors, thresholds, bannister rails, radiators, or any other potential obstructions near the staircase? If this is the case, you may require a hinged track.
Our surveyor will make a thorough assessment of your personal requirements and the dimensions of your staircase. They will also assess the ease with which you get on and off the stairlift.
A written quotation will be provided for the entire cost of the stairlift, including installation. We will also explain any after-care stairlift services, such as warranty, services and repairs.

If you are shopping for an adjustable bed, we can either bring a fully functional demo sized bed to your home, including the different mattress options, or you can try the beds out in our showroom. This comes down to personal choice, an advantage of having the demonstration in your home is that our bed consultant will be able to assess your current bed surround and let you know if it is possible to keep and use with the new adjustable bed. If you do decide on a custom-made bed surround, you will be able to have a look at the different fabric choices in your home, ensuring you choose one that suits your current décor.

Shopping for a lift and recline chair is a similar process, while we have more lifting chair models in the showroom, we will bring a full sized lift and recline chair with different options to your home. This way you can get a better feel of how the chair would work in your home, how much space it needs and what design would best suit your décor.



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