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Safety Tips for using your Mobility Scooter

Having a Mobility Scooter can help you regain some independence by allowing you to navigate your neighborhood with easy. Including doing the grocery shopping, attending  Doctor appointments, visiting friends and family and more.

One of the benefits of using a mobility scooter, is the ability to travel great distances that are usually not within walking distance and transport goods that would be too heavy to carry. Using a Scooter can be a bit tricky and take getting used to, but once you passed this hurdle you will wonder how you ever went without it.

Before taking your Mobility Scooter out for a ride make sure you have familiarized yourself with the instructions manual and done a test drive or two with one of our Consultants. Don't be afraid to ask questions, just like driving a car it takes getting used to but becomes second nature in no time. Ask about the best way to navigate bumps, curves and uneven ground. You can even ask a product specialist to demonstrate the best practice of maneuvering obstacles.

There are many different type of Scooters that are suited at different terrains and conditions. Some smaller 3-wheel options are more suited at indoor use, while larger heavy duty scooters can handle rough terrain and steep hills. Some scooters are heavy-duty models designed for a rougher terrain than others. Read the manual so you know which grades, curbs and obstacles to avoid for safety.

Most scooters can handle the basic street curb ramp. However it import to pay attention to the angle in which you approach the curb. Always approach it straight on to minimize the risk of tipping. Most scooters will be able to navigate a standard size curb with ease and you will feel very safe doing this. With smaller, especially 3 wheel scooters that are made for indoor use it can be a little bit more tricky, but as long as you remember to approach straight on there is nothing to worry about. All of our 3 wheel scooters have anti tip wheels that will assist in maintaining stability when going around corners and navigating obstacles.

If you ride a scooter that is made for indoor use try to avoid broken or sideways-slanted pavement when possible and save to do so. While you can go up or down a grade that your manual says is safe, if the pavement is slanted to the side it presents a tipping risk for your mobility scooter. Broken pavement can cause a problem with either slippage or just a sudden slight drop that could cause you to fall. Your larger more heavy duty scooters wont be stopped by such obstacles.

For added safety it is advisable to make use of a safety flag, which can be attached to the back of your scooter. The flag should be about a head higher than you are, allowing for better visibility, especially when travelling on/near road. If you want to be extra safe you can opt for wearing some sort of high visibility clothing, a vest or a jacket is easily obtainable or you can choose a bright colored scooter. Ensure you only use your scooter in the evenings if you have adequate lighting. Our Product specialists are able to advise you on which scooters are suitable for nighttime use.

It's better to be safe then sorry. Whilst driving a mobility scooter you are classed as a pedestrian in terms of road rules and cars are to give way, don't assume that they always will! It's far better to be cautious that to put yourself at risk. Also, ensure to follow basic road rules such as fully stopping at lights and stop signs.

When you have arrived at your destination ensure you turn off your mobility scooter, remove the key and put it in a secure place, before you get off your scooter. Turning the scooter of and removing the key will automatically engage the brake in all of our Mobility Scooters. Depending on your scooter you might have a swivel seat to assist you with getting on/off . Ensure you always lock it into place before you stand up and before you start operating your scooter again. Observing these few simple steps will ensure that the scooter is securely parked and wont move when you try to embark or disembark.

The Team at Bluesky Healthcare would like to wish you Happy Scootering!


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