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How to choose the right mattress for your adjustable bed

We often get asked, "can I select any Mattress for my Adjustable Bed?"

Woman on Adjustable bed smiling with head and legs raised by bedAdjustable Beds and the health benefits we achieve from using them are becoming more well-known every day. People from all walks of life are discovering vital improvements in many areas such as Sleep Apnoea, Digestion Swelling, Back Pain and even… snoring! To find out more about the many benefits of adjustable beds head to our blog on "Benefits of an Adjustable Bed".

However, something you may not be aware of is the numerous mattresses options available for adjustable beds, you are not restricted because of the adjustable base.

Coming from a background of many years in the Bedding industry, I see how important selecting the right comfort feel for you individually is…and everyone is different.
The comfort of a mattress is what helps us get to sleep, and the support is what keeps us asleep…  
Woman sitting up in adjustable bed smilingGood support, durability and of course flexibility are all important considerations when choosing a mattress for an adjustable bed. Bluesky Healthcare has done the research and has a large choice of mattresses locally designed and made in WA that are perfectly suitable for an adjustable base.

Ranging from traditional springs to the latest technology in Pressure Relieving memory foams, so there is guaranteed to be a comfort option just right for you! We can even customise the mattress feels further if required.

Choosing a mattress can be daunting, so many options and pressure to pick the right one for you!
Make sure you aren’t in a hurry and spend some time lying on a potential mattress choice. Ideally up to 30 minutes to see how your body responds to it. Your body will usually let you know by then!

Something to be aware of, you may feel that your new mattress doesn’t feel like the one in the shop.
All new mattresses need to wear in (like a new pair of leather shoes) usually a weeks’ time is all it takes; however, it is down to individual use. Mattresses will soften by around 5-9% depending on the feel.
Another issue to note, if you have been sleeping on the same mattress for many years, it may take a few weeks for your body to get used to the excellent support that a new mattress has…Your body has become accustomed to the shape of the ageing mattress and needs time to adjust to the correct support!

Check out our range available below or better still, you’re welcome to come into our Showroom and try them all! We have trained bedding specialists who will listen to your needs and assist you in finding the right mattress for you!

Perfect Support
This mattress has a very traditional feel whilst containing the latest in technology with Superior Compu-Tec Bonnell Springs. Giving firm support and a subtle comfort feel. Re-enforced edges with 3 interior spring zones for adaptive orthopaedic support. Fabrics are made with a breathable wool blend quilted top to guard against allergies and Asthma.

Luxury Support
Building from the Perfect Support mattress with the same spring system, the Luxury Support adds to the comfort, with a generous layered pillow top. This supplies you with the same strong support while increasing the feeling of comfort. It has the same wool blend fabric quilted top designed to move well with an adjustable bed. The Luxury Support has a high-density foam box edge support which means you can maximise your sleeping area and not roll out.

Response Contour
The Response Contour performs precisely as its name suggests, with an individual spring system designed to contour to each unique body shape and weight. It has a firm feel that adapts to the body and reduces partner disturbance. Containing a layer of Latex Gel, which is a breathable latex, the Response Contour gives excellent pressure relief while the gel keeps your temperature neutral.
This mattress also has the high-density foam box surround designed to move with the adjustable bed and wool blend quilting.

Natures Contour
The Natures Contour (Latex) is my personal favourite, it provides the same contouring and pressure relieving benefits as memory foam, but not the dense, heavy feel of memory foam.
This mattress has the feeling of life to it!
The gel infused Latex works to keep the body temperature neutral while it adapts to your body shape supporting the natural alignment of the spine. The ultimate in comfort and support.

Flexi Block
Our Flexi block has been specially designed as an entry-level medical grade solution to help avoid and relieve pressure sores. It is constructed from many types of different foams to allow better pressure distribution. The laminated foam core is comprised of 50mm grade 40/50 on top, then 100mm grade 21/130, and 50mm grade 29/200 on the base foam wall support.
Includes the flexible Foam Edge support and a heavy-duty PU mattress cover, with a Ziplon zipper
Possibly best to consult with your healthcare professional to see if this is the right mattress choice for you.

Quantum Comfort
The utmost in satisfaction, as the meaning of Quantum, suggests on many levels.This mattress gives you the best results in both your health and comfort.
The Quantum Comfort contains adaptive sections of high resilient foams & Fusion Gel which is an advanced memory foam filled with gel beads, giving superior pressure relief and support.  The Fusion Gel promotes air circulation and breathability to help you stay asleep.
This mattress is a premium product which will last longer and provide quality comfort.


About the Author
Kymco Agility Red with Blond WomanMy name is Sarah, and I found out first hand the many challenges in selecting the right mattress. Having had a hip replacement myself I found myself suddenly having a lot higher demands from a mattress in terms of comfort and support. I found myself doing a lot of research on the different mattress components their benefits and downfall and was able to choose the right mattress for me. Through my expensive research, I found myself building a passion for the industry and was able to gain employment in the industry. I represented 2 of the main manufacturers in Perth, with staff training and education being the focus of my role.

Earlier this year I have joined the Bluesky Healthcare Team. where I’m very happy to be working in such a supportive environment. I love being able to help people find a mattress that is comfortable AND supportive. Not just for 30min in the showroom but throughout the whole night! I love knowing that my work is having a real positive impact on peoples everyday life!


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