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Flying with mobility equipment

I work in the mobility equipment industry, and while I was always aware that you could take small and portable mobility equipment on planes I got completely blindsided when I was told that you could also take full-sized mobility scooters with you when you travel! Now you might already know this and might be a lot less excited about this than me, but to me, it changed the way I view our products...

You can take a mobility scooter with you on your holidays that is comfortable, has suspension and best of all is yours! I understand that there will still be logistical issues to overcome such as transport to and from airports, storage at the hotel and transport at the destination, BUT it can make a world of difference to the way you experience your holidays!

So after hearing the happy news, I started my research, and I'm glad I did as there are still size restraints and lots of different rules depending on what airline you travel with. I have limited my research to some of the larger and in my opinion popular airlines that fly to and from Perth, Western Australia.
-Virgin Australia
-Singapore Airlines

As said above their policies on mobility aids vary, but mainly on the size that is allowed for air travel and how the different batteries are handled. Overall they do however state the below. *Please note that the rules and regulations may change and always double check with your Airline before booking!

  • Speak to the airline before making the booking, to double check if your mobility aid can be carried on your selected flight (different aircraft have different size restrictions more on that below)
  • Arrive early at the airport to allow time to adjust or take apart your mobility aid
  • Inform the airline if you require a wheelchair or other assistance at the airport (some airlines even offer to meet you at your car with a wheelchair).
  • Know your mobility equipment, ensure you know the approximate height, length, width and weight as well as the type and size of the battery
  • If your mobility aid requires dissembling, make sure you have the manufacturer instructions with you
  • Insurance, while the airlines take all care to look after you mobility equipment, they can't guarantee that it won't get damaged (just like other luggage).
  • You can carry up to two pieces of mobility equipment free of charge in addition to your regular luggage requirements (conditions apply)
  • Wheelchair Caps, most airlines and planes have restricted room, so they only allow two people with mobility equipment per plane. They can make exceptions to this rule if you are travelling with a group etc
  • Check your connecting flights / domestic flights. Make sure that you speak to all airlines that you are planning to disassemble with.

As mentioned above different airlines and even aeroplanes have different restrictions on the size of the equipment they can carry. I have taken all the information I could find online and put it in to the below tables. Hopefully this will make it a little bit easier.


Aircraft Airbus 330, A380, Boing747 Boing 737 Bombardier Dash 8 Boing 717 Fokker 100
Width (cm) 150 100 129 125 125
Height (cm) 160 84 69 63 63
Length (cm) 150 125 100 125 125
Weight (kg) Not specified



Aircraft A330, 777, 737, Embraer F100 ATR72
Width (cm) 100 100 70
Height (cm) 140 65 84
Length (cm) 140 125 90
Weight (cm) 120 120 120



Aircraft Q300 A320 / A321 Boing 787
Width (cm) 85 100 160
Height (cm) 130 140 150
Length (cm) 115 140 150
Weight (kg) Not Specified

*Jetstar Pacific doesn't accept any mobility aids or assistive devices on board if they require dangerous goods approval



  Qatar * Etihad*
Aircraft  Not Specified
Width (cm) 41.5 not specified
Heights (cm) 27 120
Length (cm) 89 not specified
Weight (kg) not specified 60kg

*Qatar - If a Mobility Aid is adjusted to comply with the size restrictions . The folded dimensions are Length 890mm x Width 415mm x 270mm and in performing the adjustment the Mobility Aid is separated into several parts, no individual part (including batteries) can weigh more than 32kgs, other than a part that can be loaded in the upright position in free wheel mode. In addition, all individual parts of the Mobility Aid must comply with the size restrictions.

*Etihad - If the wheelchair exceeds the above specifications please contact us to request for approval For wheelchairs specifically designed to allow the battery to be removed by the user, the battery must be removed, placed in a protective pouch to prevent damage and must be carried in the cabin. The battery must not exceed 300WH (Watt-hours). For devices fitted with 2 lithium batteries, each individual battery must not exceed 160WH.


Emirates Singapore Airlines
No Information given, please contact local Airline Office



Personally, I believe that the key to having a great trip is to ensure that it is planned thoroughly, this is even more true for any traveller that has any special needs. Don't be afraid to ask questions; this will make things easier and also give you the peace of mind knowing that you won't run into any major obstacles and that you can enjoy the time away. Like everything, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it will get easier each time.

Happy Travelling!


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