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Adjustable Beds Pros and Cons

To help you make up your mind and decide if an adjustable bed is the right choice for you we’ve done some research and used our own professional experiences to put together a list of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to keep in mind that adjustable beds differ immensely amongst each other just like Mattresses are. This article is based on a generalisation with points added to outline the performance of Bluesky Healthcare’s Adjustable Beds against the norm.


 Adjustable beds can be an easy way to receive a higher level of comfort for a number of reasons. It can provide better support to those who have breathing issues and must sleep upright. It can help to naturally relieve heartburn issues that someone may have. It even helps to promote the healing process – a fact hospitals have known for generations.


What Are the Pros of Adjustable Beds?


1. It provides a higher level of blood circulation at night.

 People are able to adjust their beds to provide an optimal amount of circulation based on what their needs may be. This makes sleeping easier on the entire circulatory system including the heart, and that’s never a bad thing. Adjustable beds also make it possible to target specific problematic areas, such as a joint or a leg, to raise them up to a therapeutic level. Bluesky Healthcare Beds (BSHC) allow you to fully customise your bed choosing from Head lift only, head and leg lift (knee break), massage and Hi/Lo functions to assist getting in and out of bed.


2. It helps to relieve the typical aches and pains that come with life.

 If you don’t have a chronic condition, you can still benefit from owning an adjustable bed. Muscles ache with activity and joints can begin to creak because of gravity. An adjustable bed helps to alleviate pain with better blood flow, the removal of stress from problematic areas, and weight shifting that can provide more overall comfort. The end result is an end to aches and pains without the need to take medication sometime.


3. It can relieve the symptoms of asthma.

 Sleeping flat on the back can be harmful to the health of someone who struggles with asthma or other breathing issues. A flat back creates a natural oxygen restriction that can even affect the health of several internal organs, not to mention trigger an asthma attack. Even if the issue is just allergy related or a bad case of sinusitis, an adjustable bed can provide the needed relief because it keeps airways open and allows for gravity to drain out the plugged up areas when needed.


4. Acid reflux can be effectively treated.

 If you wake up 2-3x per night because of a bitter burning taste in your mouth, then you may benefit from owning an adjustable bed. The same is true if you find yourself belching after meals for some time after you’ve finished eating. As little as a 6 inch incline can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping the stomach acid where it is supposed to be. This eliminates the stress that is placed on the throat and promotes a better night of sleeping without heavy antacids or protein pump reducers that can affect the quality of sleep.


5. They allow for a greater level of independence.

 Adjustable beds are often a required item for those that have ongoing health issues that limit their mobility. Whether it is because of age, injury, or an inherited condition, these beds help to promote greater independence because they are easier to get in them or get out of them without any help. When handrails are included with the frame, the job to get into bed or get out becomes even easier. The Hi/Lo function can greatly assist in getting in and out of bed, you can use a combination of bring up the back of the bed to help prop yourself up and the Hi/Lo function to lift you up to a near standing position.


6. Massage Options in form of Vibrations

Vibration can help to stimulate aching muscles so that they no longer have the painful knots in them. Not only does this technology help to relieve potentially difficult physical symptoms, but the adjustable bed can be positioned in such a way that watching TV or reading a book is possible while the bed is doing its work.


7. They come in a wide variety of sizes.

 Just about any size of adjustable bed is available. Although the sizes are slightly different than the standard mattress sizes, you’ve got options from twin to king so that you’re needs can be met. Most adjustable beds that are purchased today tend to be queen or king beds because they provide the most supports, but there are literally hundreds of choices that are available in today’s marketplace. All BSHC beds are made to order here in Western Australia, allowing for a 5 year guarantee, customisable features and quality production.


8. It doesn’t prevent other bed-related fun.

 Whether your version of fun is to do the daily crossword puzzle, check your Facebook status, or is something that’s a little more intimate, an adjustable bed is available today that fits your lifestyle needs. Some mattress even work on an ordinary bed frame and are controlled by remote for even greater versatility. All BSHC beds come with remote controls and a choice from one of our quality Western Australian Made mattresses. Including Latex and Innerspring. We also have an array of Bed surrounds available to disguise your adjustable bed and make it look like a sleep contemporary ensemble.



What Are the Cons of Adjustable Beds?


1. Adjustable beds are expensive… period.

There are two components that must be considered here. The mattress that is being used must be able to be adjusted and the bed frame must support adjustments. Many people don’t have either and that’s why the cost is so high. All BSHC beds and Mattresses are made in Western Australia with the motors of the beds being imported from Germany. We are proud of the quality and customer feedback in regards to our beds and offer a 5 year warranty on both the bed and the mattress.


2. There are always higher maintenance costs.

 If you own a standard bed frame with a standard mattress, then that’s pretty much the only cost you’re ever going to have. You might pay someone to clean the mattress from time, but that’s generally about it. Adjustable beds have motors, frames that have joints, and several other parts that can break down over time and require replacement. Some of these repairs can be as high as the cost of a brand new mattress in some instances. An adjustable bed should be purchased with an expectation that at least another 30% will be needed for repairs over the lifetime of the mattress. Due to the fact that the mattresses are purpose made for adjustable beds and that there is a 5 year warranty included in our prices. The usual 30% figure is not applicable to BSHC beds.


3. They can be loud. Adjustable beds are not quiet.

 There are some that have some level of “whisper” technology associated with them, but that doesn’t mean that they’re actually quiet beds. Far from it. Think about the noise of an adjustable bed being like the noise from an adjustable seat in a vehicle and you’ll get an idea of how much sound the best models are able to produce. In cheaper models, it may sound like an airplane is flying overhead. BSH bed motors are quality-made germany engineered and manufactured and are amongst the quietest motors available on the market.


4. They are incredibly heavy.

 The average bed that would be considered standard today will typically weigh about 175 pounds. This includes the mattress, the box spring, and the bed frame – including the headboard and a footboard. In comparison, the average adjustable bed will weigh about 625 pounds. There are some models that are lighter than this, but not many. This means that it can get difficult to re-position the bed or move it to a different room in the house. All BSHC beds come on lockable heavy duty casters allowing for easy movement and adjustment and stability when locked into place.  


5. They have a unique size, which means they require unique sheets.

 It is virtually impossible to find sheets that properly fit an adjustable bed from most major retailers. This means the shopping process must be taken online. Most retailers that do offer sheet sets for an adjustable bed sell them at a higher price because they are often a custom size. This typically means there are fewer color options for the sheets as well, limiting the interior decorating possibilities. Whilst some adjustable bed sizes differ from the standard sizes BSHC bed sizes have a minimal difference and you will find that your normal fitted sheets will still fit the bed, although a bit more snugly then before. BSHC also offers a wide range of sheet sets in different colours at reasonable prices.


6. They provide difficulty in movement.

 Adjustable beds tend to keep people rather stationary while they sleep. Although this is typically a benefit for most people, it can be a disadvantage for those who typically toss and turn in their sleep.

 The restriction of movement can even cause less sleep to occur when compared to an innerspring mattress under certain circumstances. New aches and pains can develop from different sleeping styles as well that can be just as bothersome as the ones that were relieved. Whilst this can certainly be a problem, we have found that it is all about experimenting and finding the exactly right position for you. Whilst many of our customers sleep with slight elevations of head and/or legs, many others prefer to only use the adjustments for activities such as reading, watching TV, eating or getting in and out of bed.


7. Adjustable beds can be difficult to clean.

 The main issue that most households typically find with these beds is that it is difficult to clean them and underneath them. The dust bunnies love to collect underneath the bed because clearance levels are typically rather low. Special tools are available to clean, but come at an added cost that not everyone may be willing to pay. All BSHC Beds are made to hospital standard size unless otherwise required allowing for easy access underneath the bed. Another handy tip is to use the beds adjustable features for putting on your sheets. Simply lift up the foot and the head of the bed and easily access all the corners without any heavy lifting, tucking or bending.


8. All of the physical benefits that are promoted may not be experienced.

 It is entirely possible for someone to spend thousands of dollars on an adjustable bed and receive no physical benefits from their change in sleep habits. That is why it is always a good idea to test different sleeping positions before investing into an adjustable bed so that money doesn’t get wasted. BSHC provides the option to Hire beds. This way you can try before you buy and find out exactly what sleeping position provides the highest level of comfort to you.


The pros and cons of an adjustable bed show that there is a great potential for better sleep. There is also the potential that nothing may happen at all. By evaluating each unique advantage and disadvantage, it becomes possible to determine if this is an investment that makes sense for you personally.


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