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WA-Made Mattresses


5 - Year Warranty

Made in Western Australia

Made to suit the movements of adjustable beds


Available in All Standard Sizes


5 Year

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All Bluesky Healthcare Mattresses are made here in Western Australia and are specifically designed for the use on our Adjustable Beds. You may be surprised to hear that you can stick to cooling innerspring mattress although you have chosen a luxurious electrical adjustable bed. The mattresses are made from the highest quality materials that are very durable, and  that will hold their shape even on an adjustable bed. All our Mattresses come with peace of mind five-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you have made a quality purchase.

Most electric beds have a metal bar that is needed to hold the mattress in place and stop it from sliding off the bed. While this solution is passable, it can often be unsightly and get in the way of being able to sit on the foot end of your bed. We have developed a system that attaches the mattress with a heavy duty Velcro-style strip. This strip is worked into the mattress and runs horizontally across the base of the mattress and finds its counterpart on the base of the bed. This way the mattress is secured to its frame, without causing any visual or physical disturbance. However, if you prefer the traditional bar holster, we can mount this for you at no extra charge.in the middle of the mattress, securing it to the bed.

The mattresses are available in all standard sizes, as well as extra long sizes to allow for Split-Queen and Split-King options. Further by having our mattresses custom made, we can offer unique options such as low profile mattresses and special sizing.

Our mattresses are designed with your comfort in mind and are all kept to a below average thickness. Thinner mattresses don't mean a loss of support, but you will find that the lower height will allow you to enter and exit your bed with greater ease.

Our Current Range includes five different choices, ranging from an Innerspring to a Luxurious Latex option. Read on below to find out more.

Name Delux Innerspring Premium Pillowtop Innovative Hybrid Luxeriouse Latex Pressure Reliving Flexiblock
Description A classic  Innerspring mattress with Titanium springs, with a firm feel. Similar to the Innerspring mattress, but with a more luscious fell, due to it's pillowtop comfort layer. Our newest addition to our range. A pocketed innerspring base is topped with a layer of latex. A classic, well known and loved mattress due to it's softness and support. specially formulated to prevent and relieve sores. This mattress is constructed from many types of different foams to allow for a better pressure distribution
Recommendation perfect for you if you love the bounce and cooling properties of an innerspring and a firm, supportive base. Perfect for you if you like the bounce and cooling properties of an innerspring, but prefer a more plush feel with some added softness. This is the mattress for you if you like the cooling properties of an innerspring and the feel of latex. The pocketed innerspring allow for more co-sleeping comfort while maintaining a slight bounce. The Latex layer will allow for a supportive body contouring feel. A classic and soft mattress that contours the body entirely, offering all support without compromising comfort. An entry level medical grade mattress, providing support and comfort. Speak to your healthcare professional to discuss if this product is right for you.
Mattress Composition

Bonnell 5 turn open contour coil springs with no perimeter border wire

Compressed felt pad

17mm foam  14mm peeled foam Border quilted with 8mm peeled foam

Bonnell 5 turn open contour coil springs with no perimeter border wire

Compressed felt pad

Foam encased edge support border

17mm foam

Convoluted foam

14mm peeled foam

Boarders quilted with 8mm peeled foam


Active contour low profile pocket coil springs

Active edge foam wall support railsfoam with a spring base of 24mm foam

Support overlay of 25mm foam combined with 25mm ILD Enviro Pedic Talay comfort Latex

250gsm Polyester fibre

25mm peeled foam

Borders quilted with 8mm peeled foam

EnviroPedic Talay Support Latex of 25ILd at 150mm height

50mm confort layer foam

14mm peeled foam

Borders quilted with 8mm peeled foam

Special laminated foam core consiting of 50mm grade 40/50 on top, then 100mm grade 21/130, and 50mm frade 29/200 on the base

Foam wall support rails

Fully covered top and sides in Ultathane Supreme HR heavy duty PU mattress cover, including Ziplon zipper

Active Contour Low Profile - The Active Contour low profile pocket spring system has been designed to provide an option for a slimline pocket spring that is unique and will help maintain reduced partner movement and pressure point relief.

Active Edge Comfort Plus - Active Edge Comfort Plus is a premium, opulent, comfortable full foam wall edge support which is designed to maximise the sleeping surface of the mattress helping to reduce that "roll out" feeling.

Enviro Foam - Our Premium quality Enviro Foams help create a healthier sleeping environment whilst providing a supportive feel to the body. They do not use potentially harmful chemical additives and processes. The result is cleaner, greener and superior quality foam.

EnviroPedic Talalay Comfort Latex - An advanced durable 100% Latex imported from Belgium. Talalay comfort Latex helps provide exceptional comfort and helps with superior pressure relief with conforming comfort, while helping create a gentle feel. It is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

EnviroPedic Talalay Support Latex - An advanced durable 100% Latex imported from Belgium. Helps provide exceptional stronger support while creating a supportive firmer feel. It is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Latex ILD - Indentation Load Deflection where the higher the grade, the firmer feel is the result.


We believe that a mattress is a very personal choice, we have made demonstration sized models, so we can bring them to your home, where you can try most of the options. Alternatively, you can come to our showroom to get a "feel" for each. Simply give us a call and let us know when it would be a convenient time for you. 


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